How to change Siri’s voice

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How to change Siri’s voice to another accent or sex

Siri is the most important feature of iPhone 4S. Once you get used to it, it will become your personal assistance. But some users don’t like the voice. Siri’s voice varies depending on region. In the United States and Australia, Siri uses a female voice, but in the U.K., Siri has a nice male voice that sounds a bit like a butler. You might be interested in change Siri’s voice for a change, among other reasons. It is imortant to note that changing Siri’s voice may leads to diminished dictation quality and reduced voice recognition. If you can still interested in doing so just follow these simple steps below:

  • Open Settings, and tap General
  • Next, Tap on the Siri pane, then on Language
  • To make Siri sound like a female, tap “English (United States),” or to make Siri’s sound like a male, tap “English (United Kingdom)”

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